Arrival Puenta la Reina

Nice zalk first to the Alto de Perdon with nice iron sculptures of pelgrims. Walk was fairly easy today.Saw Pamplona in the early hours. A nice tradition on the Camino is that every few hundred meters theres is a signpost with a shell indicating the way. People leave some stones and build a pile. There are different intrepretations: one say it is to pay your sins or for future sins , other say these are wishes or spiritual thoughts and memories of your dearest in your life; We have now the custom to lay a stone almost at every signpost..hope it works.

The computer here does not recognize our pictures Roepen

Let 's hope tomorow more Stoer

greets of the happy bunch



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Arrival Pamplona

We started at 5.15 in the morning because Marc couldn't sleep KnipogenRia, the blond one slept next to Marc last night (I think that s why he woke up so early this morning).

All the bones hurt at the moment but the spirit is still ok.

Mirjam, als je goed kijkt, de schelp heeft ondertussen ook Pamplona bereikt(cfr. tugzak).

Today Ivo may sleep next to the blondWenkbrauw ophalenWe call this thing of the "Works of Barmhartigheid" of het troosten van de bedroefden en het kleden van........... ja, ik weet het niet goed meer, dat zal de zon zijn , maar we ontdekken het wel op de Camino hoe dit juist zit. Het geeft extra aflaten. We vertrekken nu heel vroeg om rond de middag aan te komen daar het na de middag tot 30 graden wordt in de schaduw en dat is niet goed voor het bolleke,

he, ja en de Ivo snurkt en zijne aflaat zit verstopt...maar het begint te waaien, denk dat het nog goed koñt




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Arrival Zubiri

We started early in the morning around 6h10 from Roncevalles. Sun rising in the morning spectacularm as is the nice weather. First hour we had to walk with our lamps. Walk of 22 km still in the mountains, but less rough than yesterday. Finally the bowls of Ivo after days got functional......I also had to run in the forest for a quick emergency sanitary stop. Arrivad at noon in Zubii, small ugly village, but hostal allows us to wash our clothes and get a shower (really needed..and bathroom =good European toilet). Now we are going to the river to fresh our toes in the cold water. What can life be simple and easy, not having to think about work or whatever. Most people walking the camino are Spanish, but also of Estonia, Denmark, England, Swiwerland, Germany, Italy and even Brazil and Correa. But we hold the honour of Flanders high (I think);

See you later, tomorrow we arrive in the city of Pa¡mplona













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