Arrival Zubiri

We started early in the morning around 6h10 from Roncevalles. Sun rising in the morning spectacularm as is the nice weather. First hour we had to walk with our lamps. Walk of 22 km still in the mountains, but less rough than yesterday. Finally the bowls of Ivo after days got functional......I also had to run in the forest for a quick emergency sanitary stop. Arrivad at noon in Zubii, small ugly village, but hostal allows us to wash our clothes and get a shower (really needed..and bathroom =good European toilet). Now we are going to the river to fresh our toes in the cold water. What can life be simple and easy, not having to think about work or whatever. Most people walking the camino are Spanish, but also of Estonia, Denmark, England, Swiwerland, Germany, Italy and even Brazil and Correa. But we hold the honour of Flanders high (I think);

See you later, tomorrow we arrive in the city of Pa¡mplona













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Amaai , jullie stappen nogal door en zijn er altijd al vroeg.
Maar ja, dan kunnen jullie al een goede menu del dia gaan eten.
En heeft die blonde ook zeer knieën?

Ciao Ria

Posted by: Ria | 08/29/2011

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